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Embark on a gripping journey alongside Angel Baxter and her three friends as they navigate the tumultuous waters of high school. Angel's promising plans for a memorable Junior year are shattered when a tragic accident claimed her life on her birthday. Leaving her friends Joshua, Benjamin, and Melonie grappling with their individual struggles while mourning the loss of their beloved friend. Meanwhile, Angel finds herself in the celestial realms. Instead of finding solace in heaven, Angel feels cheated and seeks answers to the lingering questions that haunt her. Determined to uncover the truth, she demands a second chance. Miraculously, God grants her wish. Now, with a newfound opportunity at life, Angel must navigate her way through the challenges of the living world. Will she unravel the mysteries that led to her untimely demise? Can her friends find comfort amidst their personal tribulations? Join Angel and her friends in this heart warming tale of friendship.

Angel paperback

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