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A Rayne Storm in London

London Storm is at the peak of her career, with loving family and friends by her side. On the outside looking in, you would think, London has the world in the palm of her hands. But life wasn’t always so sweet for London. In fact, life was more tragic for her during her younger years. At the tender age of nine, London witnessed the murder of her parents, but she remembers none of it. The trauma she endured caused her to suffer from long-term memory loss and nightmares.
She desperately seeks to put together the missing pieces of her life and rid herself of these nightmares once and for all. On the journey of self-discovery, London will find out some skeletons should stay buried in the closet. Levi’s childhood best friend and the mother of his God-child Angela, is secretly in love with him and is determined to get him out of London’s bed and into hers by any means necessary. Raielle and James are head over heels in love with one another, but there’s only one thing that comes in between them. Raielle’s older brother Blue. James and Blue have beef and Raielle was told not to affiliate herself with the enemy. Raielle went against the grain. She’s been secretly dating James until she can build up the nerve to tell her big brother. What happens when Blue gets word?Will love conqueror all or will all hell break loose?



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